Prof. Rashmi ADAVAL

Prof. Rashmi ADAVAL

Adjunct Professor

Academic qualification

  • PhD University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign, Marketing 
  • MS University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign, Advertising 
  • BS Bangalore University, Communications 
  • BS Bangalore University, Home Economics 


  • Associate Professor, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (2006 - 14)
  • Assistant Professor, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (2001 - 05)
  • Visiting Assistant Professor, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (1998 - 00)
  • Visiting Assistant Professor and Research Associate, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (1996 - 98)


  • Role of affect in consumer information processing
  • Effects of sensory information on memory, judgments and behavior
  • Numerical cognition


Adaval, Rashmi (forthcoming 2019), “Seeing and thinking in pictures: A review of how people process visuals and the tendency to think visually” Consumer Psychology Review, Vol 2., Ed. L. J. Shrum, Wiley.

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Saluja, Geetanjali and Rashmi Adaval, “Going Beyong the Obvious: The Effects of Connecting and Separating Mindsets on the Process and Outcome of Customization,” manuscript complete.

Kulkarni, Atul and Rashmi Adaval, “The Consequences of Experienced Action or Inaction Regret for Risk Taking,” additional data being collected in response to reviews.

Adaval, Rashmi, Rod Duclos and Robert S. Wyer, “Bigger of the same or more of the same: Effects of magnitude priming on charitable giving," manuscript in preparation.

Shen, Hao and Rashmi Adaval, “How changes in spatial magnitude affect estimations of time and quantity,” manuscript in preparation.

Adaval, Rashmi, Brian Wansink and Pun San Fong, “How Perceptions of Agency and Valence of the Affective States Influence the Desire to Seek “Something Different,” manuscript in preparation.

Adaval, Rashmi, and Angela Cho, “Cultural Conflicts: How do Threats to Identity Influence Persuasion and Behavior?” manuscript in preparation.

Adaval, Rashmi, Maria Galli and Suresh Ramanathan, “When more than one negative emotion is elicited: How suppressing or expressing one allows the other to raise it’s ugly head,” manuscript in preparation.

Adaval, Rashmi, Maria Galli and Robert S. Wyer, “Creating a buzz vs. talking about your new product’s features: What works and when?” manuscript in preparation.


"Bringing out the animal in you: The effects of priming on stereotyping," data collected for three studies (Project collaborators: Erin Younhee Ha and Mina Kwon).

"Feeling warm and seeing cold: How evaluations are affected when sensory inputs conflict," data collected for three studies (Project collaborator: Sydney Boonthida Chinchanachoksai). 

"Goal-determined Stereotype Use and its Impact on Processing of Information," data collected for three studies (Project collaborator: Donnel Briley).

"When Fit between Processing Strategies and Chronic Tendencies lead to Poorer Performance," data collected for four studies (Project collaborator: Yuwei Jiang).

"Imagined Product Experiences and their Impact on Anticipated Satisfaction, Preference and Memory for the Actual Experience," data collected for three studies (Project collaborator: Joel Huber).

"Mood and creativity revisited," data collected for three studies (Project collaborator: Yael Steinhart).

"Effects of Goal and Music Compatibility on Evaluation of Ads and Memory," data collected for two studies (Project collaborator: Angela Cho).


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