Prof. Jiewen HONG

Prof. Jiewen HONG

Head, Professor

Academic qualification

  • PhD Northwestern University 
  • MA University of Maryland, College Park
  • BA Beijing Forieign Studies University


  • Consumer information processing
  • Subjective experiences in consumer judgment
  • Affect and consumer judgment



  • Liu, Joyce Jingshi, Amy Dalton, and Jiewen Hong (2019), “The Double-Edged Sword of Social Signaling: Antecedents and Consequence of Mixed Emotions in Counterfeit Brand Consumption”, in The Art and Science of Luxury: An Asian Perspective, eds. Srinivas K. Reddy and Jin K. Han, Singapore: Singapore Management University, 117–27.
  • Wyer, Robert S. and Jiewen Hong (2010), “Chinese Consumer Behavior: The Effects of Content, Process and Language,” in Oxford Handbook of Chinese Psychology, 2nd edition, ed. M. Harris Bond, New York, NY: Oxford University Press, 623–639.