Prof. Yue ZHAO

Academic qualification

  • PhD University of Alberta
  • PhD University of Alberta


  • Electronic commerce
  • Online customer behavior
  • Technology adoption
  • Business intelligence
  • Marketing intelligence/CRM
  • Data modeling
  • Data mining


"Patent: Techniques for facilitating identification of candidate genes," Filing data: July 28, 2000, USA, Publication number WO01/13105 A1. 

"Economic Simulation of Interregional Trade Liberalization in the Canadian Dairy Industry," Ph.D. dissertation, 2000, University of Alberta.

"The Determinants of Milk Production Quota Value: Time Series Evidence from Ontario," paper accepted for the presentation of VIII European Congress of Agricultural Economists, Edinburgh, September 3-7, 1996 (co-authored with K.Z. Chen).


"Predicting Customer Bankruptcies and Delinquencies in Hong Kong," (with S. Mansinghka, D. Soman, and L. Chan).

"Understanding Buyer's Adoption of Internet as a Search Tool in the Car Purchasing Process".

"The Impact of Internet Usage on Price in the Automobile Market".

"Is It Always Beneficial to Move Online: An Empirical Study in the Automobile Industry".

"Implementation of Business Intelligent System for Executive Decision Support at America Club (Hong Kong)," Case Study.