Undergraduate Courses Offered in Fall 2022

MARK 2120 Marketing and Management (3 units)

Introduction to marketing from the perspective of the decision-maker; controllable variables (product, price, promotion and distribution), uncontrollable variables (competition, law, society, technology, and economy), consumer behavior and marketing research.


L1 - L3  SHI, June

L4 - L6  Prof FAN, Sophie

L7 - L8  Prof PUIG, Coral

MARK 3220 Marketing Research (4 units)

Basic research tools and procedures used in marketing research, and strategic uses of marketing research information in managerial decision making.Prerequisite: MARK 2120

Instructor: L1 - L3  Prof LIU, Jia

MARK 3420 Consumer Behavior  (4 units)

Psychological concepts such as perception, learning and motivation, sociological concepts such as reference groups, family and culture and theories of purchase decision processes underlying consumer buying behavior.  Prerequisite: MARK 2120

Instructor:  L1 - L2 Prof SALVACRUZ, Joseph

MARK 3430 Global Marketing  (4 units)

Understanding the formulation of international/multinational marketing strategy; factors influencing international trade, assessment of market potential, threats and opportunities in the international market environment, global marketing activities.   Prerequisite: MARK 2120

Instructor: L1 - L2  Prof HELSEN, Kristiaan

MARK 3510 Business to Business Marketing  (4 units)

The fundamental character of business markets and the decision-making nature of organizational customers; different approaches to business marketing, as typified in the relationships between buyers and sellers, and built around the concept of value; current trends changing the face of business-to-business marketing; critical analysis and problem-solving with respect to business market management.   Prerequisite: MARK 2120

Instructor: L1  Prof RAITT, Gene

MARK 3620 Marketing Analytics (4 units)

This course develops the foundation and integrated framework for understanding marketing analytics. It introduces major applications of data analytics in marketing, including customer analytics, product analytics, pricing analytics, and advertising analytics. Prerequisite: MARK2120 and ISOM2500; Previous Course Code: MARK4290I

Instructor: L1 - L2  Prof LIN, Song

MARK 4290H Judgment and Decision Making for Marketers (4 units)

This course covers both normative and psychological aspects of decision making with specific reference to marketing and consumer decisions. The course will introduce the building blocks of decision making such as belief and utility assessment and will contrast the economic models of decision making with psychological models that take into account various biases in judgments and choices. The course will also introduce experimental design and analysis relevant for marketing decisions and will discuss the marketing applications of behavioral decision research. Prerequisite: MARK2120

Instructor: L1 - L3   Prof MUTHUKRISHNAN, A V