Posgraduate Courses Offered in Spring 2021

MARK 5120 Marketing Strategy and Policy (2 units)

Strategic marketing objectives and implementation of strategies through pricing, distribution channels, promotion and new-product decisions. This is a core course for MBA. Exclusion: IMBA 5050. Previous course code: MARK 512.

Instructor: L1 Prof HELSEN, Kristiaan

MARK 5260 Luxury Strategy (2 units)

This intensive block week course addresses the unique properties, opportunities, and challenges of the luxury industry by studying issues relevant to the field in the various aspects of the business, from production and management to distribution and promotion. Students will have the unique opportunity to interact with senior executives from a renowned luxury brand as they feedback on students' research and recommendations, and guide them to understand their brand strategy and implementation. Previous course code: MARK 6900K.

Instructor: L1 Prof MAISONROUGE, Ketty Pucci-Sisti

MARK 5290 Understanding Consumers (2 units)

This course combines an in-depth exploration of consumer psychology with elements of advertising and marketing research, with the goal of enhancing students' understanding of marketing tactics and strategy. Pre-requisite: MARK 5120. Exclusion: MIMT 5310. Previous course code: MARK 529.

Instructor: L1 Prof SENGUPTA, Jaideep

MARK 5410 Seminar in Quantitative Modeling (3 units)

Overview of the literature on modeling marketing phenomena. Previous course code: MARK 541.

Instructor: L1 Prof ZHAO, Ying

MARK 5470 Seminar in Consumer Behavior II (3 units)

Overview of advanced topics in psychology and consumer behavior research. An information processing approach is used to help students develop expertise on a range of diverse topics such as attitude formation and change, culture, information processing, motivation and goals, emotion, consumer decision making.

Instructor: L1 Prof SENGUPTA, Jaideep

MARK 5520 Experimental Design and Analysis for Behavioral Research (3 units)

This course is aimed at PhD students who intent to conduct experimental and quasi-experimental research in business (e.g., marketing, organizational behavior). The primary objective is to master the concepts and tools needed for collecting and analyzing behavioral data. In addition, the course provides an introduction to SAS, one of the most widely used statistical programming languages for manipulating and analyzing data. Previous course code: MARK 552, MARK 6900V.

Instructor: L1 Prof ZHOU, Rongrong

MARK 6900Y Leveraging Digital/ Direct Marketing for Customer Acquisition and Retention (2 units)

This course will present an in-depth analysis of digital/direct marketing, focusing primarily on the scientific foundations upon which this marketing discipline is built. Attention will be on various formulae that are used to predict probability of response, forecast potential profit, and inform testing and campaigning. Students will also learn the critical ingredients for success within developing creative positions and creating offers. The specific differences between digital/direct marketing and general marketing/advertising will also be highlighted.

Instructor: L1 Prof RAITT, Gene