Postgraduate Courses Offered in Spring 2022

MARK 5120 Marketing Strategy and Policy (2 units)

Strategic marketing objectives and implementation of strategies through pricing, distribution channels, promotion and new-product decisions. This is a core course for MBA. Exclusion: IMBA 5050. Previous course code: MARK 512.

On successful completion of the course, students will be able to:
1. Conduct a marketing environmental analysis and identify market opportunities that will be strategically fit with the company or organization.
2. Identify and evaluate segments, and decide on the appropriate target(s) within a given market.
3. Construct a persuasive value proposition and positioning statement for a given offering.
4. Formulate marketing strategies and make strategic marketing decisions, including specific marketing mix strategies.
5. Monitor and control strategic marketing plans.
6. Make effective presentations of a company’s or organization’s marketing plan.


L1-L2 Prof SALVACRUZ, Joseph

L3 Prof HELSEN, Kristiaan

MARK 5260 Luxury Strategy (2 units)

This intensive block week course addresses the unique properties, opportunities, and challenges of the luxury industry by studying issues relevant to the field in the various aspects of the business, from production and management to distribution and promotion. Students will have the unique opportunity to interact with senior executives from a renowned luxury brand as they feedback on students' research and recommendations, and guide them to understand their brand strategy and implementation. Previous course code: MARK 6900K.

On successful completion of the course, students will be able to:
1. Recognize the unique properties, opportunities and challenges of the luxury industry.
2. Identify and analyze key issues specific to the luxury industry.
3. Apply marketing knowledge and strategy to solve issues at hand.

Instructor: L1 Prof MAISONROUGE, Ketty Pucci-Sisti

MARK 5290 Understanding Consumers (2 units)

This course combines an in-depth exploration of consumer psychology with elements of advertising and marketing research, with the goal of enhancing students' understanding of marketing tactics and strategy. Pre-requisite: MARK 5120. Exclusion: MIMT 5310. Previous course code: MARK 529.

On successful completion of the course, students will be able to:
1. Identify key principles and concepts relating to consumer behavior.
2. Examine the available theory and research concerning the psychology of the consumer.
3. Design and develop an effective marketing mix for a product or service relying on in-depth knowledge of the consumers.

Instructor: L1 Prof SENGUPTA, Jaideep

MARK 5300 Pricing Strategy (2 units)

Students can learn practical tools to design pricing strategies from a marketing perspective and considers economic, strategic and psychological inputs in pricing decisions that are sustainable and generate profitable revenue streams. Through examples and case studies, it discusses the tools to assess consumer’s willingness to pay, and how this information can be used to improve pricing strategies. Other popular and innovative pricing tactics, such as customization, bundling, subscriptions, versioning, freemium, online auctions and revenue management will also be covered. Previous course code: MARK 6900W.

On successful completion of the course, students will be able to:
1. Apply the basic pricing frameworks in a competitive environment.
2. Design to derive consumers' willingness to pay and its role in pricing decisions.
3. Explain the impact of psychological factors on consumers' willingness to pay.
4. Recognize the role of ethics and legal issues in pricing decisions.

Instructor: L1 Prof VAN DER LANS, Ralf

MARK 6901C Consumer Decision Processes (3 units)

This RPg seminar focuses on the psychology underlying consumers' decisions. It will cover recent advances in consumer behavior in a discussion-based format. Emphases will be placed on collaboration, idea development, iterative writing, issues related to research integrity, and understanding and appreciating the review process.

Instructor: L1 Prof MUKHOPADHYAY, Anirban

MARK 6950 Marketing Action Learning Project (2 units)

A team project that focuses on analyzing and solving a real-world marketing challenge within an organization (e.g., company, NGO). Students will develop marketing consulting experience, collaborate to produce a marketing report, and present their in-depth insights and recommended solutions to the sponsor.

On successful completion of the course, students will be able to:
1. Identify marketing opportunities and challenges
2. Gather in-depth consumer and market insights
3. Come up with effective marketing recommendations
4. Sharpen their team-work and communication skills
5. Develop marketing strategies and tactical solutions based on market intelligence

Instructor: L1 Prof PUIG, Coral