2024 Hong Kong Joint School Marketing Conference
Joint School Marketing Faculty

Date 23.03.2024
Time 9:00 - 5:45pm
Venue LTF & LTG

Marketing Research Camp 2023

Date 10.12.2023
Time Dec 10-12, 2023
Venue Executive Classroom 1 ( (RM 3001), 3/F, LSK Business Building

PhD Program Recruitment Summer Camp 2023 - Calling for Applications (Application Deadline: July 17, 2023)
Marketing Faculty and PhD students

The Department of Marketing at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST) is hosting a summer camp for potential PhD applicants on August 24, 2023.  The objective is to offer students who have an interest in applying to our PhD program an opportunity to get to know our PhD program in depth and interact with our faculty and PhD students.

Date 24.08.2023
Time 9:00am - 6:00pm
Venue LSK Business Building, HKUST

Marketing Industry Insights
NFTs. Pyramid scheme or appreciating commodity? Maybe neither?”
Mr Adrian Tso, Head of Strategy, DDB Group of Hong Kong

Join us for a lively conversation with Mr Adrian Tso, Head of Strategy of DDB Group of Hong Kong. Adrian will share with us from the marketer’s perspective on NFTs. What the FUD’ dives into the world of NFTs through the lens of marketing, dissects what traditional businesses can learn from it, and as students, how you can potentially apply it.

Date 13.04.2023
Time 3:00 - 4:30pm
Venue Online via Zoom

Marketing Industry Insights
CX – Just what is it? Demystifying Customer Experience (CX)
Cristiane Ross, Founder of SPRAC

For years, Customer Experience was the quiet department no one paid much attention to. Marketing has always been the shinier, more prominent discipline and function.

You can't have an experience if you don't have an offer or a brand promise. But you can't have an experience made of definitions, planning, and projections, either. 

In this session, we’ll break down the mystery around Customer Experience, discuss the relationship between Marketing and CX and share some real-life examples in an engaging conversation to show how the two are not as far apart as we thought.

Date 09.11.2021
Time 4:30- 5:50pm
Venue Online via Zoom

Marketing Industry Insight
Influencer Marketing Shortcut to Fame or Failure?
Andreas Krasser, CEO of DDB Group Hong Kong

With the rise in use of social media, influencer marketing has become an increasingly popular form of promotion used in the marketing mix. Working with various multinational companies around the world, Andreas Krasser – CEO of DDB Hong Kong will be sharing some of their local success stories such as those with fast food brand McDonalds.

Date 05.11.2021
Time 4:30 - 5:50pm
Venue Online via Zoom

Marketing Industry Insights
Market Insights from the Beauty Industry: An interview with Lorenzo Delpani
Lorenzo Delpani, CEO & Founder at WONDERIA Corp., Value Creation Advisor for Boards & C-Levels at DLPN

Join us for a lively conversation with Lorenzo Delpani, CEO & Founder at WONDERIA Corp., Value Creation Advisor for Boards & C-Levels at DLPN, and former CEO and President at Revlon. Lorenzo will share with us his insights into the beauty industry, spanning the mandate of the firm and how marketing, in particular, is meeting the needs of an evolving landscape of consumers.

Lorenzo is a true global leader that has lived and worked in 8 countries for 5 leading global fast moving consumer goods corporations: P&G, J&J, Reckitt Benckiser, TCG/(with Private Equity CVC) and Revlon. Lorenzo’s achievements and expertise span private equity, turnarounds, strategic design and implementation, innovation, global marketing, branding, advertising, merger, acquisitions and distributors management. Selected as one of the 2015 “MOST INFLUENTIAL LEADER IN MARKETING” by Adweek and as the 2015 "MARKETER OF THE YEAR" in Mass by WWD, Beauty Inc.

Date 19.11.2020
Time 8pm
Venue Online via Zoom

Marketing Industry Insights
Topics on sustainability and UN SDG’s for Organizations
Benita Chick

About Benita Chick:

Benita worked for a wide range of education, NGO and think tank institutions, serving as the Education director of Pink Alliance, and founded Encompass HK, a social enterprise that promotes and acts as a consultant for how organizations can achieve and develop SDG policies

Date 14.09.2020
Time 6pm
Venue Online via Zoom

Marketing Industry Insights
Go Green on Mondays
Mr. David Yeung, Founder & CEO of Green Monday

  • The business model of companies focused on sustainability
  • Sharing of personal journey and experience as a social entrepreneur
  • Impacts of our eating habits in this current globe


About Green Monday:

Green Monday (GM) aims to construct a global ecosystem of future food that combats climate change, food insecurity, food-related illness, planetary devastation and animal welfare issues. Founded on Earth Day April 22, 2012 in Hong Kong, Green Monday advocates for plant-based living and supports the global shift to a more food. It is Green Monday’s mission to make sustainable living “simple, viral and actionable” for all, inspiring the public to go plant-based once per week as an effective way to create positive changes in the world.


About David:

Mr. David Yeung is the Founder & CEO of Green Monday, a multi-faceted social venture with the mission to take on the world’s most pressing crises of climate change, food insecurity and public health. His work earned him the award of “Social Entrepreneur of the Year” by the World Economic Forum and Schwab Foundation. Other honors and recognitions include “Roddenberry Prize”, “Cathay ChangeMakers 2020”, “Company of the Year 2019” by PETA Asia, “Ten Outstanding Young Persons Hong Kong” and “50 Most Innovative Companies” by Fast Company.


Date 07.04.2020
Time 6:30pm
Venue Online via Zoom

Marketing Industry Insights
Marketing in Start-up
Zada Yeung

Sharing on her Start-up Experiences.  Career advice for marketing students

Date 30.10.2019
Time 7:00pm
Venue LSK G003

Marketing Industry Insights
Radical Innovation
Mr. Alfons Cornella

Date 05.09.2019
Time 6:00 - 8:00pm
Venue LSK G012

Marketing Dynamics Conference 2017

Date 17.08.2017
Time August 17-19, 2017
Venue 3/F LSK Business Building